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Seda France Pomme Marais Jardins Ceramic Two-Wick Candle

Seda France Pomme Marais Jardins Ceramic Two-Wick Candle

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Believed to be among the earliest fruits cultivated, the apple has been an integral part of Seda France's cuisine and our mythology for thousands of years. Plato wrote about the apple, Norse lore claims it provides eternal youth and, of course, the fruit figures prominently in the Garden of Eden. Pomme Marais takes this fruit's fragrance to a sophisticated new level by coupling it with fresh pear and adding earthy clove and cinnamon along with just a hint of woody vanilla for a truly artful blend. This elegant collection is inspired by the opulent French tradition of Chinoiserie, the Chinese-esque gardens and pagodas depicted in fanciful decoration. The line-up boasts alluring fragrances and multiple products, including this gorgeous two-wick candle in a decorative ceramic container with lid and hand-painted gold accents. Our extra large 20-ounce candle has a 100+ hour burn time and is hand-poured.

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