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Embryolisse Radiance Booster Serum - Artist Secret

Embryolisse Radiance Booster Serum - Artist Secret

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A genuine beauty elixir, this serum is a radiance booster that sublimates the skin before make-up is applied. Made with hyaluronic acid and vegetal extracts (lemon, witch hazel and glycerin), it moisturises* and re-plumps, revitalises and lightens the skin and tightens its texture. It also contains invisible pearly pigments that reflect the light and blur imperfections. The skin is smooth and toned, all signs of fatigue disappear, the texture is velvety and the complexion glows. The skin is ready to sublimate make-up. A water-based serum that penetrates quickly. May be used daily or as a quick-fix treatment before an evening out or after a short night.

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